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From a military family of 6, Grayson Torrence is an unstoppable 18-year-old pop singer/songwriter with a passion for sharing her truth. Along with her beautiful and powerhouse voice, Grayson’s songs reach deep into the hearts and emotions of her audience as she tells her stories of mental health struggles, bullying, resiliency, and strength.


At the young age of 13, Grayson was in a dark place having been bullied for years and was afraid to tell anyone. It wasn’t until she summoned the strength to talk about it with her family and counselor that she got the courage to put an end to the bullying and continue her schooling at home. “Mental health should be of the utmost importance, especially now. Just because you may look okay, doesn’t mean you are” says Grayson. This experience has shaped Grayson’s music career and not only helped her process her own emotions, but it offers a safe space to all of her listeners to know they are not alone in their struggles.


Grayson's music is her home. She puts all of her emotions into her original songs, even the cover songs she loves to sing. Her music has been a blessing in her life, the one thing that got her out of her dark place. She makes music for herself but she also hopes to connect people, and draw their attention with the stories she tells in her writing. She has been writing music for four years now, and grows in her gift every day. There will always be a story behind every song Grayson writes because she writes from personal experience in all of her songs. Grayson wants her listeners to be as connected to her music as she is. 


While performing, Grayson is able to connect and captivate her audience through engaging performances. She likes to call herself a “chameleon performer”, because she can adapt to any crowd and make a great show out of any situation. Grayson performs all around the east coast of Virginia at venues, weddings, parties, bars, wineries, restaurants, and much more. Some career highlights were performing at Grand Illumination in Charlottesville, Farm Brew Live in Manassas, Flat Iron Crossroads Concert Hall, the Richmond Flying Squirrels game, and opening a local military event. Grayson has released 3 singles (her debut single “My Crown” was debuted on Channel 6) and she is currently working on releasing more singles in the next year. 


As an active community member, Grayson is a proud advocate for “Cookies for Kids Cancer” to help raise money for cancer research. She does this in memory of Kieran Hathaway. Grayson has raised money for “Cookies for Kids Cancer” by holding mini concerts in her driveway with people in her community donating in person and donating online through Facebook and Instagram Live. She hopes to raise enough money to expand on cancer research for children and wants to give those children hope for a better tomorrow; she wants them to know that they are so brave and that she is going to do whatever she can to help.


Grayson is working on being a household name. She desires to be known, to be successful, to be a singer/songwriter with a reputation for greatness, but she does not want to be just another entertainer.  Her dream is to be a light to others, to let them know they are not alone, and to demonstrate that with hard work and dedication, a young girl from a small rural community in Virginia can do anything she puts her mind to. 

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